City Marketing and Centre Management

City marketing is strategic policy communication par excellence. It is the all-encompassing umbrella organization for attracting residents, visitors and companies to your city or municipality.

A good ambition without getting in the way

Today, city marketing is par excellence the strategic communication framework  on which entire city administrations can base their services and local authorities their ambitions. Its consistent application increases recognisability, the sense of solidarity and pride for residents and those involved.

Regions, cities or municipalities wish to make clear choices based on their core qualities, so that residents, visitors and companies know clearly today and in the future what framework they are provided with, both in terms of urban facilities and infrastructure. The DNA of a city or municipality plays an important role as a common thread in communication.

City marketing goes further than the creation of a new corporate identity. City marketing is the determining and summarizing factor for a government's multi-year policy. It summarizes the core qualities of a city or municipality, but also dares to opt for new opportunities and spearheads.

City and town center management is a well-considered process that systematically seeks support among merchants, other actors and the city, elevates dialogue to an art and thus becomes an inseparable link in the inner-city profile.

No vision without execution

Centre management has evolved from a promotion-oriented approach to a more real estate-oriented and overall approach. CityD has been able to help shape this evolution and can now boast tons of experience. We then enter the field of interweaving management or more extensive city centre management. Of course, here too communication is the common thread  and the relationship with the city or municipality marketing policy is never far away. Many distinctive qualities or attractions are often located in the city centre. This is not just about special shops and facilities, but about the extent to which this offer interferes with the cultural-historical, urban development, architectural or other types of urban fabric of the city or centre.  The focus of contemporary centre management today is on quality assurance, consistency and coordination of a broadly spread action plan.



  • City marketing plan and implementation
  • Start-up and implementation of centre management
  • Statsmonitor
  • Drawing up cooperation agreements and statutes of trade associations
  • Annual planning and budgeting of trading activities
  • Unburdening and supporting trade associations
  • Secondment of local economy and strategic policy communication official


  • Brainstorming with traders, municipality of Willebroek
  • 'Kampenhout Popt-Up' (encouraging entrepreneurship in the centre), municipality of Kampenhout
  • Implementation of centre management Heist-op-den-Berg
  • City marketing plan Oudsbergen
  • Support local economy and centre management, city of Tongeren
  • Implementation of centre management Dilbeek, Dilbeek for Durvers
  • City marking plan/city branding and indentity Hoogstraten
  • City marketing plan Oudenaarde
  • City branding and indentity of the city of Eeklo
  • Municipalities of Zaventem and Overijse, various support
  • Support for the local economy and HHOP vzw, city of Peer
  • Support for the local economy and traders in Lummen, municipality of Lummen
  • Support for trading centres in Houthalen-Helchteren sub-municipalities, vzw Deelkernen
  • 'Straat in het Vizier', development and street management for the municipalities of Mol, Herentals, Heist-op-den-Berg, Geel, Hoogstraten (on behalf of the province of Antwerp)
  • Implementation of centre management United Traders city of Halle and city council
  • Real estate vacancy approach for the city center of Halle
  • Implementation of centre management Beringen vzw, organization Beringen Beach
  • Support for Traders Houthalen-Centrum vzw
  • Implementation of Aarschot centre management
  • Launch  centre management process Dendermonde
  • City marketing plan Hoogstraten and Zemst (ongoing)
  • Support of Centrummanagement Genk vzw, various actions, organization Genk Showt
  • City marketing Bredene
  • Mystery shopping West-Vlaanderen, research in core shopping areas
  • City marketing plan Maasmechelen
  • City marketing plan Bilzen
  • City marketing plan Lokeren

Trade and hotel & catering industry

Trade, hospitality, catering industry and services are often the beating heart of every core, municipality and city. Besides their economic function, they are important for meeting, relaxing and experiencing. Find out how your local economy can flourish here.

Spatial economics

CityD can help shape spatial policy as a partner of local governments. From its background in consultancy on spatial-economic issues, it is the ideal partner to define strategic policy visions for the area and develop instruments. Doing so, CityD contributes to achieving the spatial-economic objectives of the administration.

Tourism and leisure

How do you ensure that tourists, residents, visitors, culture lovers, conference guests and recreationists find their way to your city or location? And how do you deal with redevelopment, MICE actors and supra-local collaborations, also for locations without government exploitation? With a strong strategic plan you make your location, city or region more than attractive.

Real estate and area development

Buildings and spaces that are being developed today require the use of sustainable raw materials and substantial financial resources. Development is therefore best thought through from a long-term perspective, taking into account the needs of the market and of future generations. CityD helps you limit the risks of your real estate project or area development through thorough research and clear future-proof visions. This for developer, government and investor alike.


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