Who is CityD?

CityD strengthens local and regional dynamics from vision to implementation.

Vibrant Places, Happy People.

CityD stands for strengthening urban dynamics, based on sharp and reliable research, clear visions and future-oriented measures. We do this on the basis of strategic advice and guidance in the realization of actions. A well-founded strategy makes it easier to actually implement plans. Together we create strong (inner) cities and regions.

The focus of the work is on research into the desirability and feasibility of new urban facilities that help a region progress economically and socially. The synergy between different departments such as tourism, real estate and the local economy ensures a vibrant urban or regional fabric. From experience we know how to make full use of the opportunities a region has.

Public and private actors benefit from well-founded advice to make policy or investment decisions. To provide good guidance in this regard, we use a pragmatic approach: a promotional story with realistic objectives that start from broad support.


Core values

CityD's vision translated into 5 core values. This is our DNA.



A strong team for challenging projects. Each with their own field of expertise.



CityD as part of the CityD-WES Group. Solid foundations.



We work for small and large(r) organizations in the public and private sectors.


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