Urban development in all its aspects

CityD helps regions, cities and municipalities in their growth and resilience. We don't wait for the wind to change direction, we adjust the sails and set the course. In this way we provide a compass and a perspective that can entice visitors, residents and companies. A local and regional government wants to take the initiative here, but urban or regional dynamics are a matter for and by many actors. Together we determine how this compass can indicate the direction to make every city, center or region a liveable and attractive environment.

For the benefit of governments, project developers, companies, investors, retailers or other providers of urban facilities, CityD strengthens urban and inner-city dynamics on the basis of targeted research, clear visions and, above all, with an implementable package of measures. With our work we focus on City marketing and centre management, Trade and hotel catering industry, Spatial economics, Tourism & Leisure and Real Estate & Area Development.

Passion, expertise and commitment, ... that is the lubricant.

City Marketing and Centre Management

It is clear that the gem of CityD lies in city marketing and centre management. The manager started in 1999 as the first centre manager in Flanders for the city of Genk. The inner city bug never faded. The first assignment was to draw an inner-city marketing plan for the non-profit organization Centrummanagement Genk. Today, CityD guides many cities in strategic communication and city marketing and often implements approved plans. This translates into targeted city or center management, depending on the chosen focus. The essence is always the same: together we can do more and vision without execution is a dead letter.

Trade and hotel & catering industry

Trade, hospitality, catering industry and services are often the beating heart of every core, municipality and city. Besides their economic function, they are important for meeting, relaxing and experiencing. Find out how your local economy can flourish here.

Spatial economics

CityD can help shape spatial policy as a partner of local governments. From its background in consultancy on spatial-economic issues, it is the ideal partner to define strategic policy visions for the area and develop instruments. Doing so, CityD contributes to achieving the spatial-economic objectives of the administration.

Tourism and leisure

How do you ensure that tourists, residents, visitors, culture lovers, conference guests and recreationists find their way to your city or location? And how do you deal with redevelopment, MICE actors and supra-local collaborations, also for locations without government exploitation? With a strong strategic plan you make your location, city or region more than attractive.

Real estate and area development

Buildings and spaces that are being developed today require the use of sustainable raw materials and substantial financial resources. Development is therefore best thought through from a long-term perspective, taking into account the needs of the market and of future generations. CityD helps you limit the risks of your real estate project or area development through thorough research and clear future-proof visions. This for developer, government and investor alike.


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