De Vitrine – inspiration platform for busy centres

For several years now, the Flemish Government has been investing in, among other things, bustling and vibrant centres. Within this concept, the aim is maximum intertwining of retail activities, business activities, catering experience, culture and entertainment as a source of quality of life and social cohesion.  

Through the “Werk aan de winkel” (Work to do) action plan, the Flemish government is setting up various initiatives, of which De Vitrine is an important part. Cities and municipalities are inspired to build future-proof lively centres together with all stakeholders. 

CityD is joining forces with partners Wisely and I-line PR & Communications to carry out this assignment.  

The assignment consists of designing the platform, collecting all good practices and writing articles that bundle innovative concepts with images. The primary target group consists of policy makers and city and municipal service officers. However, De Vitrine must also be 'the digital place to be' to gain inspiration for the secondary target group (all stakeholders involved in lively city centres such as entrepreneurs, investors, developers, visitors, etc.).  

The assignment started in 2022 and will run until 2024. Over this time, in addition to the design and management of the platform, approximately 200 to 300 innovative concepts are expected to be introduced.  

The promotion of the platform is also part of the project team's duties, including the preparation of a communication plan and approach aimed at and in consultation with the VLAIO communication team and channels (Flemish Innovation and Entrepreneurship Agency).  


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