Town planning regulations in Schoten

Town planning regulations for retail trade in Schoten

Schoten already had a strategic-commercial plan, so it knew where to place the emphasis and then wanted to take the next step towards implementing its policy. A team of CityD and Sweco, including centre managers, spatial planners and designers, environmental experts and mobility experts, were asked to carry out this assignment. Continuous interaction within the team ensured an integrated approach and an efficient planning process.

This assignment included drawing up a retail regulation with various measures.

The center of Schoten is well defined

Phase 1: preliminary study

What are the retail objectives that the municipality of Schoten pursues in its urban development policy and on what basis does it wish to guide its permit policy? The answer to this question formed the ideological basis of the regulation. We mapped the regional regulations and looked at the existing local zoning plans (BPAs) and spatial implementation plans (RUPs) in the municipality.

The focus of the design research was on spatial options and possible scenarios. We also kept in mind that the goal was a town planning regulation.

Phase 2: preliminary design

In this phase, the contours (content and geographical) of the regulation were fine-tuned. Active feedback from the Spatial Planning Department was also requested during this step of this phase. The next step during this phase involved a preliminary discussion with the relevant regional and provincial advisory bodies.

Phase 3: formal process

After a participation, consultation and evaluation moment, the regulation could be finalized based on the input received.

Facade embellishment also determines the street scene


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