Master plan centre Oostkamp

In 2020 and 2021, CityD was responsible for the drawing up of the complete Master Plan for the centre of Oostkamp. From a (spatial) economic point of view, a complete analysis of the centre of Oostkamp has been carried out, all (purchase) flows were mapped for the wider target area together with all critical access and settlement points, a market space calculation was carried out, etc. Subsequently, all results were bundled in a recommendation and action plan and a vision paper 'Oostkamp 2030' was drawn up with the aim of making the complete redesign of the core future-proof in all areas. To this end, all trends & developments regarding entrepreneurship, consumer behavior, citizens' wishes, etc. were integrated.  

Oostkamp is therefore ready for the future and will continue to build the future step by step - at the pace of the market - using a conceptual script with concrete actions in the short, medium and long term and where flexibility and dynamism are two absolute core values.  


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