Our history

CityD-WES Group: where experience, expertise and enthusiasm come together

Two strong names that have now really joined forces. CityD and WES were already linked through a share relationship. Today, all consultancy activities are bundled under the flag of CityD-WES.

WES, also known as WES Research and Strategy, has been a fixed value in the field of spatial-economic research, strategy formulation and market research for over 60 years. WES's mission has remained the same all these years: to help government organizations and companies respond appropriately to changes and opportunities in the work and city environment, based on up-to-date information, targeted research and appropriate strategies and action plans. WES started as a study service for the province of West Flanders and served dozens of companies, cities and municipalities, knowledge institutions and social organizations at home and abroad for many years, with special attention to the fields of tourism, leisure, real estate and market strategy

CityD has been active for almost 20 years and was a pacesetter in the field of centre management, core reinforcement and retail policy. Today, CityD focuses in Belgium and Flanders on integrated support and A-to-Z guidance for cities and municipalities, traders, developers and other market parties in the realization of policy, investment and location decisions. From early research on strategic choices to bold action plans for urban functions or projects, that is the path CityD explores with you.

In order to provide you with even better substantive, organizational and strategic advice from 2 branches in Bruges and Genk, full integration of the activities was the next logical step. One well-oiled organization that can boast two strong brand names: CityD and DataD.


CityD, Dynamic City Improvement, stands for strategic research into the desirability and feasibility of urban facilities such as retail, tourism, leisure and housing. Governments are provided with insights when determining policy decisions. Private parties such as real estate companies, retailers and other providers of urban facilities are assisted in making investment and/or location decisions.


DataD, Dynamic Research and Strategy, focuses on research and strategy development for companies and social organizations in their search for repositioning, market opportunities or optimization.

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Research, strategy and implementation are the lubricant of CityD-WES Group, which we put at the service of 5 + 1 pillars through our two strong brands CityD en DataD: spatial economy and business premises, retail and hotel&catering industry, tourism and leisure, real estate and area development, city management and centre management, market strategy and market research. CityD-WES nv is happy to be your partner for all administration, but depending on your request we use the right brand with the right people.


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