Office market study city of Kortrijk and Leiedal region

The city of Kortrijk and Intercommunale Leiedal have appointed CityD and JLL (Jones Lang Lasalle) to conduct an office market research. The findings from the research provide insight into the functioning of the office market in Flanders, the region and the city of Kortrijk.  

This study mainly looks into the trends and findings of economic and market actors. It shows you how to distinguish yourself from the competition, who are the potential customers and how to attract these customers.  

So how do we do this?  

Collect figures, note trends and gain insight into the office market in order to make well-founded policy decisions now and in the future. This study is therefore a market research, but not a policy vision as such.  

Three objectives  

  • Gain insight into the market supply, functioning and needs of the office market worldwide, in Flanders and tailored to the city and the region.  

  • Detecting opportunities and making recommendations tailored to the office market in the Leiedal region and the city of Kortrijk, in line with the policy aims.  

  • Creating a vision of how Kortrijk and specific sites in Kortrijk can profile themselves in the office market, with a special focus on the identity of these sites and what the preconditions are for getting the right entrepreneur in the right place.

    This project is part of our real estate and area development activities. CityD guides governments and administrations to make municipalities attractive to visitors and residents.

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