Real estate and area development

Area development within an urban development framework

Sites are developed, redeveloped, repurposed within an appropriate urban development framework. CityD helps you to keep your finger on the pulse and match construction programmes to the (future) needs of the market. Through programmed research you can make a substantiated estimate of what the market wants.

The current spatial policy in Flanders focuses more on valorization of outdated or undefined sites and the preservation of open space. CityD fully supports this ambition. Through a redevelopment study, we visualize the various options and advise you on the interpretation that offers the most possibilities. Finances, development costs, competitive offer, market needs, market potential, respect for heritage come together in an assessment framework and feasibility study. Within an urban context, the focus is on interweaving, smart mobility and stimulating investment dynamics among private and public investors. This is the best guarantee for making the urban business environment resilient in the years to come.

Sustainability, climate resilience, greening and spatial-economic laws are key aspects for urban renewal and development.

CityD as an advisory body in area development

CityD is happy to be your sparring partner throughout the entire process, from determining strategic objectives to the management and coordination of an area-oriented approach. We work on behalf of governments, investors and project developers.

CityD provides substantiation and justification for implementation plans and regulations. CityD helps local governments to substantiate planning scenarios, knowing that the market is often more volatile than a rigid urban framework.

CityD helps investors and developers with an integrated, area-oriented approach and development of (inner)urban locations, buildings and projects. Both in providing arguments and in seeking and consolidating support among residents, traders and policy makers.

Real estate project in area development

Area development services

  • Market and financial feasibility research: supply and demand analysis, real estate sales rhythm, oversupply versus undersupply, price setting, financial feasibility, residual land value
  • Programming research: determining the construction programme in function of competitive supply and market demand. Determining type of residential product (number of bedrooms, size, pricing, level of finish)
  • Housing needs study: study into housing needs based on demographic developments
  • Sociodemographic studies
  • Redevelopment study: study into the conversion of heritage and other real estate objects
  • Restructuring industrial estates: optimization of existing industrial estates in function of new needs
  • Urban development regulations (retail and other) in order to meet spatial development requirements
  • Environmental permit / Retail permit for large-scale retail trade
  • Spatial policy plan: developing a vision on spatial use for cities or municipalities
  • Brownfield Covenant
  • PPP guidance according to the principle: Design – Build – Finance – Maintain – Operate  (DBFMO)

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  • Vanhout Projects: residential development market study for Heusden-Zolder / service flats market study for Lommel
  • Municipality of Willebroek: supporting the image quality process in the shopping centre
  • Vanhelmont: demographic substantiation for Stokrooie
  • Sport Vlaanderen: study of the needs and feasibility of Watersportbaan 
  • City of Torhout: structure sketch and strategy for Thor site (redevelopment)
  • SAU-MSI SAU-MSI + CityDEV: feasibility study of schools and sports site Josaphat
  • City of Leuven: Masterplan Commscope site
  • Vlaemynck: housing study Tielt
  • Kolmont: consultancy for residential developments
  • Municipality of Dilbeek: support spatial implementation plan Kernen 
  • City of Roeselare:  sports infrastructure vision note and masterplan
  • Vlaamse Bouwmeester, municipality of Willebroek: strategic master plan city centre Willebroek
  • Brouwerij Verhaeghe: conversion of the former brewery
  • Sweco: market study of  indoor activity in Terhills
  • City of Herentals: feasibility study of an inter-municipal swimming pool
  • Municipality of Oostkamp: city centre master plan
  • VLAIO: transformation process of vacant sites (Genk, Aarschot, Leuven, Aalst)
  • Intermunicipal cooperation WVI: demand for commercial real estate rental
  • Intermunicipal cooperation DDS: Development Hoogveld zone 1/Dendermonde
  • KUL: lecturer in retail real estate (postgraduate training)
  • Dubaere/municipality of Meulebeke: needs assesment industrial estate Dubaere-Meulebeke
  • Terhills NV: Terhills master plan, tourist-recreational research
  • Houthalen-Helchteren / Heusden-Zolder: area management of industrial estates
  • Municipality of Beerse: investigation into office locations
  • City of Hasselt: Paalsteenstraat Hasselt
  • Capex: case: Haasrode, Blandenstraat-Elzenbroekstraat - Oud-Heverlee
  • Agio Antwerp: substantiation of the trading function of the Turnhout project
  • Besix RED: feasibility of project in Geel and Hasselt and programme study for Boerentoren Antwerp
  • Diksmuide: Parking Boterhallen
  • Dampshop: site survey
  • Antonissen: sociographic note on land development in Hasselt
  • Century 21: real estate and area development
  • BVBA Fashion Cars: retail license
  • Bruges: Kaaidistrict: concept guidance
  • Genk Shopping 2: scenario research
  • Promabo nv / timeless building: development of residential expansion area (Daelersveld)
  • Argo Fashion: redevelopment of Veemarkt
  • Compagnie Het Zoute: market assessment, price scans and feasibility studies of residential real estate
  • ICN Development: commercial analysis of Villeroy & Boch site
  • Willemen Real Estate: market feasibility study - Estaimpuis
  • Willemen Real Estate: feasibility study - Forges de Glabec
  • Hasselt Recor: Area development 
  • Willemen Real Estate: Soumagne and Liège: supply and demand on real estate market
  • Real Estate Trust Barometer: market research into trust in real estate and real estate parties
  • Geraardsbergen: hotel&catering industry policy plan

City Marketing and Centre Management

It is clear that the gem of CityD lies in city marketing and centre management. The manager started in 1999 as the first centre manager in Flanders for the city of Genk. The inner city bug never faded. The first assignment was to draw an inner-city marketing plan for the non-profit organization Centrummanagement Genk. Today, CityD guides many cities in strategic communication and city marketing and often implements approved plans. This translates into targeted city or center management, depending on the chosen focus. The essence is always the same: together we can do more and vision without execution is a dead letter.

Trade and hotel & catering industry

Trade, hospitality, catering industry and services are often the beating heart of every core, municipality and city. Besides their economic function, they are important for meeting, relaxing and experiencing. Find out how your local economy can flourish here.

Spatial economics

CityD can help shape spatial policy as a partner of local governments. From its background in consultancy on spatial-economic issues, it is the ideal partner to define strategic policy visions for the area and develop instruments. Doing so, CityD contributes to achieving the spatial-economic objectives of the administration.

Tourism and leisure

How do you ensure that tourists, residents, visitors, culture lovers, conference guests and recreationists find their way to your city or location? And how do you deal with redevelopment, MICE actors and supra-local collaborations, also for locations without government exploitation? With a strong strategic plan you make your location, city or region more than attractive.


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