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Our team

The following staff are happy to act as a sounding board with you!

Jan Boots

Manager and strategic sounding board

Seasoned professional and highly experienced in inner city/urban dynamics and very good at support platform creation and strategic advice, in particular as regards retail and related functions, solution-oriented and pur sang mediator. A pioneer in Flanders when it comes to centre management and city marketing. Jan is a sounding board and sparring partner for political players, the administration, lobbyists, retail and the real estate sector.

Jennifer Op de Locht

Responsible for centre management

Before she properly realized it herself, she became the personification of pragmatic and operational centre management. Responsible within CityD today for centre management throughout Flanders. With her motivation and experience, she is continually expanding a team of centre managers who can be put to work everywhere across the country for short- or long-term projects.

Marijke Houben

Business Administration - Research

Marijke is your rock in branding for follow-up of your projects. She is your point of contact for all administrative and organisational questions and she ensures that the assignment is performed in line with correct procedure. In addition, she is very strong in the area of supply and demand analyses and is responsible for drafting action plans and recommendations for the necessary references and illustrations.

Lotte Labhaye

Centre management

Lotte is at the ready for true fieldwork at CityD, in particular with centre management. Lotte is passionate about the dynamics specific to towns and cities and inner cities and has a great time on assignments when she deploys. Lotte is great at managing, curious, a hard worker and is very good at translating the expectations of traders, the local administration and other players into concrete actions.

Erik Baptist

Consultant Wallonia

Erik has more than 20 years of solid experience as a pioneer in Brussels in city centre management and city marketing. His background as an urban planner has given him wide ranging knowledge of mobility issues as well as social and spatial themes. Erik is solution-oriented, creative and has a good knowledge of the retail sector. He is passionate about inner-city and urban dynamics in Wallonia and has a thorough knowledge of the historical and contemporary evolution and identity of its cities and villages.

Sister company WES offers the following expertise:

Hans Dobbelaere

Transformation - Change management

Hans has a financial-economic background with an emphasis on information management and knowledge management. From his interest in management and policy, Hans has acquired international experience in transition and change management and government authorities. Keywords in his approach are versatility and change in culture.

Pascal Steeland

Market and customer-oriented strategies

An expert within the retail, leisure, industrial estate, housing and real estate sectors. Pascal has substantial experience in the drawing up of strategic policy plans for companies, organisations and authorities and the drafting of feasibility, potential and concept studies. However, market and consumer research and support platform formation are also among his areas of specialisation.

Anne Verhaeghe

Corporate and market intelligence tourism and leisure

Anne is above all working as a market researcher in the area of tourist market research, impact measurements and image and public research. She has many years of experience in the area of quantitative and qualitative research and is a specialist in SPSS. A few of her specialist areas are tourist consumer behaviour and urban strategic policy plans.

Josephine Gheysen

Retail - Commercial strategy

With her master’s in Economy Law and Business Administration, she forms a bridging function between economy and law. As a result of her past in the retail sector, her expertise lies in retail. Josephine is mainly allocated to the drafting of strategic policy plans and also the implementation of feasibility, potential and concept studie

Wim Bruneel

Data analysis - Market research

With his master’s in Statistical Data Analysis, Wim is the WES data scientist and works on a great many research projects. He leads the project questioning of residents at WES, where a support platform plays a central role. A few of his specialisations are the quantitative analysis of market share and market developments, data collection and data analysis.

Sigrid Defurne

Communication - Leisure and business tourism

Sigrid is strong at communicating, planning and organising and travelling. Sigrid knows the MICE and event sector and has a large amount of experience with project work. As a result of her background in the care sector with the construction of a new hospital, social and spatial themes are not unknown for her. Her specialities are tourism and leisure, communication, marketing and branding.