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Our story

CityD is responsible for strengthening the urban inner-city dynamic based on targeted research, clear visions and above all an implementable package of measures.

Here the focus is on public-oriented commercial services such as retail, catering and service provision, but none of this can be disconnected from the presence of other functions and from the existing municipal or urban fabric. Hardware and software therefore go hand in hand.

CityD gives public and private sector players guidance in the taking of the required policy and/or investment decisions and it uses the pragmatic approach in this: no dogmas but instead a support platform, no castles in the air but instead realistic targets.

Centre management plays a crucial role in this as it is used to implement earlier visions and it is thus clear that core strengthening is a responsibility of the authorities, traders, owners and other stakeholders.

Yet CityD’s expertise goes beyond this and covers all aspects of the spatial economy such as research into commercial premises, park management, regional economic analyses, city marketing, PPP developments and integral area developments.

Passion, enthusiasm, expertise and experience… that is the common thread