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Process Management

CityD is currently working on the following projects:

24 maart 2019

Blauwe Boulevard – City of Hasselt

At the developer’s request, CityD has carried out a visitor and footfall survey to get a picture of the regional appeal of the inner city. This […]
24 maart 2019

Guidance in drafting the trade covenants for the Leuvensesteenweg – City of Diest project

CityD is responsible for negotiations between the owners and the City of Diest concerning the development of a site in the Leuvensesteenweg-Noord retail zone subplan. The […]
24 maart 2019

Underpinning of retail area on the Nelissen site – City of Tienen

The combination of Group GL and Steps Real Estate is planning the development of a retail site on Leuvenselaan in Tienen. In total this involves a […]
24 maart 2019

Project De Munt – City of Roeselare

While awaiting structural strengthening, CityD was commissioned by a project developer to play a role in the De Munt commercialisation process. This is a high quality […]
24 maart 2019

Project Oryx Gasmeterlaan – City of Ghent

Ghent is booming, certainly as a residential city. Hip and trendy, with many students and a lot of culture… Tondelier is a stunning residential project on […]
24 maart 2019

Environmental permit/retail permit

At the moment we call socio-economic permits retail permits and they form part of an environmental permit… but they still have to be applied for when […]