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Centre management

CityD is currently working on the following projects:

24 maart 2019

Delineation of core shopping area – City of Aalst

Within the framework of the drawing up of a retail plan for the City of Aalst, a question was asked concerning the delineation of the core […]
24 maart 2019

Beringen Beach

For a number of years already, in June the traders of Beringen Town Centre have been organising the very famous midsummer days. The traders, who have […]
24 maart 2019

Core-strengthening shop policy manual – VVSG (Association of Flemish Cities and Municipalities

CityD has been commissioned to write the core-strengthening shop policy manual that will soon be produced. This manual can be compared with a toolbox that has […]
24 maart 2019

Genk Showt

CityD is responsible for the operational elaboration of the action and promotion plan commissioned by VZW Centrummanagement Genk. In this we have to start out from […]
24 maart 2019


CityD regularly gives guest lectures at PXL University College in Hasselt. The knowledge that we have to transfer mostly involves current trends and developments in the […]
24 maart 2019

Straat in het vizier (“Street in our sights”) – Province of Antwerp

Within the project ‘Straat in het vizier’, five Antwerp municipalities are studying what makes a shopping street of their choice (concept street) especially attractive, by means […]