Genk Showt

CityD is responsible for the operational elaboration of the action and promotion plan commissioned by VZW Centrummanagement Genk. In this we have to start out from the specific DNA that Genk conveys commercially.

This year, and for the third year in a row, Centrummanagement Genk is working on a unique fashion event. In March, the Grote Markt will be the setting for four large fashion shows and the Cosmopolitan Party. More than 60 shops in the centre, Centrummanagement Genk, Horeca Groot Genk (Greater Genk Catering) and the City of Genk are bringing traders together to place the many Genk fashion boutiques in the spotlight during Genk Showt. CityD’s employees have thought up, prepared, coordinated and assessed this concept in partnership with traders and the city… Or how one well-aimed shot can help to create an innovative dynamic!